Custom Research

MNG Tracker offer custom research services in various verticals such as Healthcare, Travel & Tourism, Telecom & Technology, Food & Beverage sector etc. Custom Research requires primary and secondary research to fulfill the client´s needs. Hence we offer both primary as well as secondary research. We also deal in primary research for Brand Images, Sites/ Location and Customer SatisfactionResearch.

Brand Image Research

Branding is the key for success for any product. If your products are creating good image in the market, you will surly get the competitive advantages. Branding is not easy task as several companies also working in the same market place and creating competition among the players. We are exists for that. We identify your key strengths and representing in such a way that consumer's perception will show positive towards your products. It is an ideal way to track your image against your competitor's or to determine if any changes need to be made to your product, your advertising message or your media use.

Site/Location Research

Where should launch the new product, is a million dollar question for any company. It is very necessary to identify the best location where probability of product success is very high. MNG tracker is providing the best recommendation for this. We have expert team which analyzed the best city/regions for your product on the basic of several parameters.

Customer Satisfaction Research

Customer satisfaction is essential for business success in today's marketplace as satisfied customer is key strength for any company. Satisfied customer is always loyal for the company. So it is very important to know your satisfied customers. If customers are not satisfied with your products and services, you need to know the reasons, why they are not happy? MNG tracker makes a bridge between company and customers. We put our efforts to identify key issues with products/services and will recommend the necessary steps which satisfy your customers.

MNG Tracker strongly believes in process based research which helps to generate qualitative research report. We use following below mention steps during the Custom Research generation process.
  • Analyze Macro & Micro Economic data i.e Supply & Demand, GDP, Price change, Economic growth, Sales by sector/industries, interest rate, number of investment/ divestment etc.
  • We consider the marketing mix concept such as Place, Price, Product, Promotion, People, Process, Physical Evidence and also Political & social situation to analyze the market
  • Analyze market trends, growth, market size, market share, market competition e.g. SWOT analysis, brand perception, satisfaction levels, current competitor-channel relationship analysis
  • Determine market segment, market target, market forecast and market position
  • Investigating the possibility of partnership/ collaboration deals
  • Provide secondary as well as primary data (if required) to the clients

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